There are many people trying to stop you but the people who support are known as your friends.

F because friends forgive you.

R because friends root for you.

I because they are your inspiration.

E because they encourage you.

N because you need them.

D because you can depend on them

S because they stand by you.

It’s all connected life is incomplete without friends.

If they support you, you should support them too it’s just like a plant if your friend is the stem you be the root. The best thing about friendship it doesn’t need any paper work. Just Kidding!

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So, I started this website so I could teach and learn new things. So I decided to go with life today, not very long is it. But I’m telling you live your life today or else you are going to regret it. Each every moment is matters. You maybe thinking “Why to take advise from a thirteen year old girl?”. But this girl loves to write songs and conveys message in my each and every song. This time I thought to teach life lessons through one of my songs. So here it goes.


It’s life, sometimes it’s like being at the edge of a knife

It’s life, sometimes for getting it you need to strive

It’s life, it’s life

You get it only once, and it’s your only chance

Live the life you love, love the life you deserve

You may fail maybe once or twice,

but you can try like a hundred times,

It’s the only way,

Because life is worth a price,

It’s fading day by day,

Each and every time.

Don’t mess it up,

Just live it up.

Don’t be always true,

You can break some rules.

Don’t be always scared,

And your story will be shared.

You love, you live

You take and give,

You pass or fail,

It’s your own tale.

This song means a lot. Whatever you want to do, do. There will be hundreds of people trying to stop but never stop.

Anyways thanks a lot for taking out your time and reading my life connection blog.